Assemble and level your new or used pool table with precision for optima play.

Disassemble & Crating

Dismantle pool table with expertise.  Bumpers, side rails and slate are removed. Felt removed and rolled or folded for reuse. Parts are wrapped labeled and packed for smooth reassembly.  If you table needs to be shipped we also crate the slate for transport.

Pool Table Recovery

Removal of old felt and install your choice of cloth and color. Check table for realignment and

level is part of this service.

If your table bumpers have lost their bounce we also provide new bumpers.

Perform complete dismantle, move from room to room or another location and assemble and

level your table

Reset slate that may have been shifted out of level
Bumper Replacement
The choice for your pool table !
Table Services

Bumper Replacement
Pool Table Moving
Other Services

Pocket repair and replacement, we can have your pool table refinished,

we also have used tables for sale

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